The Measuring of Mammon is the Same in all Cultures

By Joshua Ballard / a couple of years ago

The measuring of Mammon is the same in all cultures: Why Hiring a Non-Native English Speaking Accountant Doesn’t Matter

I initially wrote this post because I used the term ‘The measuring of Mammon is the same in all cultures’ with a close friend, and had every hope and ambition that he would google it and find it was actually me that originated the quote.

It came to me during a point in which I was strategising the next 5 key hires within my business, and it occurred to me that it would not matter in the slightest whether or not the CFO of a predominantly English speaking company wasn’t a native English speaker.

The measuring of Mammon

Now my tongue in cheek reference is to the idea that all humans, in one way or another can have a sense of what Mammon is. I first encountered the term in a classic 90’s teen movie about teenage witches, and their ability to channel 4 people to control real magic (comment if you can remember the movie, or guess it because I can’t be bothered racking my brain to recall the title).

Mammon to me, is either the highest force that we can comprehend or it is the enemy of the highest force that we can comprehend. Simultaneously being either that which we worship, or that which detracts from what we worship. This is just one of my hangups in life, to view things are inherently polarised.

Mammon is (depending on which century you live in) either money or a deity relating to money and earthly (read as ungodly) things.

For the sake of this, lets think of it in a reductionist way as simply being money.

How is this the same in all cultures

Every culture has their own unique way of establishing their markets, engaging with each other and generally keeping the wheels of an economy running. The less unique factor is that in one way or another, all of these economies run on the most reducible representation of value possible, which at the moment in money.

Every culture has their own unique was, and less than unique ways of keeping a score sheet or balancing the books of the economy that they are running on. When this is as simple as keeping a handle on money, then we fall into the realm of mathematics.

Mathematics transcends all cultural lines, it simply is the numerical understanding of reality. Being a universal language means that every culture, at the most reductionist position, is ‘measuring mammon’ using the same tools. Generally balance sheets, credit debit ledgers, or in this day and age some sort of software.

Why Hiring a Non-Native English Speaking Accountant Doesn’t Matter

They’re just here to make sure that the books are balanced and that everything else is healthy.

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