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Good Afternoon,

We have reviewed your account and need some more information from you before the restriction on your account can be removed.

In order to maintain network quality, we need to verify ownership of the website you applied with.  Please read through the options below carefully and reply at your earliest convenience with your choice.

The website listed on your application was:

1. Provide to us an email address, at the website listed above.

2. Provide an alternate email address – which is listed somewhere on the website you have listed above.  If you wish to choose this option, please also provide us a description as to where your email address is listed on the website above.  For example:

“In the contact info section”, or “On the bottom of each page”, etc…

3. Provide an alternate email address – which is listed on the WHOIS record for the website listed above.

4. If the above three methods don’t work for you, you can place the confirmation code below on your website for us to view.  You can place the code on any page of your site, including a hidden page or in an HTML comment.  When you have placed the code, send an email to [email protected] including your username, the URL to the page where you have placed the code, and instructions on where on the page to find the code.  You can remove the code as soon as you receive your approval email from us.

Confirmation Code: GHVHVDN131583031

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to maintain the highest quality network that we can.